Shari and Wayne

Jason, sorry this took so long to write. First we want to thank you for accepting to be our real estate agent and selling our mini home in record time and at the best possible price. We know that you would have had plenty of homework to do and invest many hours in making it happen so quickly. Then to accept the choices we premaid to go visit. 7 homes in one day, then at the very last one, our hearts pounded loud with joy knowing we found our dream home. But it never stopped there. You immediately got on the phone and started to make the deal of the century for us. You were able to negotiate a sweet price. Then after our inspection our hearts stopped when we heard it would need a new roof now. We really thought that there was no way this would happen and that the deal would not go through. You gave us a little bit of hope, saying it’s not over yet. You once again got on the phone and inspired the previous owner to throw in the new roof. WOW! !!!! We couldn’t believe it was going to be ours afterall. Within a short period of time all the paperwork was finalized and we had our date to move in. From the very first time we contacted you until the last meeting to sign the final papers, you made everything go so smooth. You definitely know what you are doing and we talk you up every time we get a chance to. The Smart Move Team is definitely the best. And they have the most amazing salesperson employee of the year in our books. it seems like we have lived here for a long time. But it’s only been 4 sweet months. Feel free to post this letter on your website to let everyone know that when seeking a real estate agent, you and your company are the ones to pick if you want a successful deal. Thankyou once again and all the best to you and your family.