Allan/Jill Corrie, Zachary/Nicolas

I interviewed a select few agents who I thought had a good track record to determine who seemed competent, confident, knowledgeable and honest enough(didn’t try to list the house high to get the listing), prior to selecting you as our relator. We were so pleased and want to thank you for all your hard work for both the selling of our house in 2010 and the purchasing of our house in 2012. Within a two year period, you sold our residence in Lincoln Heights and helped us purchase a house in New Maryland as we had moved to Ontario and then returned to Fredericton due to a DND posting. Looking back I now certainly know we made a great choice in real estate agents when we chose you to represent us. You always made an effort to communicate and ensured we were kept updated throughout the process. Your knowledge of the market, person skills, military relocation process and overall ability to negotiate the BEST DEAL for us was OUTSTANDING! As a service member of 29 plus years, it was a pleasure to have a real estate agent who actually listened and considered my needs not their own.

Peace of mind knowing you were in control throughout the sales and purchase of our home, made our lives a lot less stress free.