Selling Info

Selling a home sometimes requires a lot of work and focused energy. Most of the time it’s all in the research of the market, good preparation, and of course the right price. As your realtor I can help you with all of this, even more.

I offer my Service Satisfaction Guarantee to every client of mine, whether buying or selling a home.

As your Real Estate Professional I will gladly share some ideas & tips when it comes to selling your property.

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Home selling tips:

  1. Safety First.
    Keep stairways and corridors absolutely clear. Clutter is unattractive and can cause accidents.
  2. Curb appeal
    First Impression is so important. Curb appeal is vital. Your lawn should be trimmed, sidewalks swept, front door clean, doorbell working, and mailbox rust free.
  3. De-clutter
    Every home has boxes of items that have accumulated over the years. Removing these items & de-cluttering your home in general will make your storage space seem larger and more appealing. In a cluttered home, buyer gets an impression that there isn’t enough storage space or closets.
  4. De-personalize
    Neutralize your home by removing unnecessary personal items,so that potential buyer could “picture” themselves in their new home.
  5. Painting for a Better Sale.
    A minor investment in paint will pay dividends in the form of a quicker sale. As a real estate agent who pays close attention to what buyers are looking at when viewing homes, I highly recommend using neutral, earthy colors. Call me for some additional ideas on how to stage your home & prepare for sale.
  6. Spotless kitchen & bathrooms
    There is a saying that kitchen and bathrooms sell a home. By removing small appliances from your kitchen countertop, the workspace and the whole kitchen will appeal larger. Fix those leaky faucets and make your bathroom & kitchen sparkle like never before.
  7. Squeaky doors
    Inspect every door in your home and make sure they open & close smoothly. Replace any hardware that does not work properly.
  8. Here Comes the Sun!
    Open the curtains and clean the windows so that prospect can see how bright and cheerful your house is. Dark, dreary rooms are not appealing to homebuyers.

Allow me to list your home for sale and I will share with you many other ideas on how to prepare your home for better showing to a potential buyer.