Relocating to Fredericton


We want to make your move as easy as possible for you and your family. 

Each year the Public Service, the Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police relocate approximately 18,700 employees, members/employees (M/E), transferees and their families. 

The purpose of the IRP is to reduce relocation costs while reducing the stress of moving for Employees and their families. Under the IRP, Brookfield provides consultation and information services to help a Transferee make an informed decisions regarding their transfer particularly in selling a house or terminating a lease and in buying or leasing a property in their new location. Brookfield has on-site staff at 28 Canadian Forces Bases as well as in some major centers in Canada. 

As part of the Program, Brookfield has developed a Third Party Service Provider (TPSP) directory, including a Realtors list, which I am a part of as a registered Supplier. One of the fundamental principles of the IRP is the open participation policy. This means that any and all suppliers are free to register and participate in the IRP as long as they accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement and abide by the fee schedule and agreed upon level of service. Brookfield does not recommend suppliers. The Transferee chooses a Supplier in their area and either contacts them directly or instructs Brookfield GRS to make the contact on their behalf. 

Once the relocation is over and the move completed, Transferees are asked to complete a satisfaction survey providing an evaluation on the service provided by their participating TPSP. 

Contact me at 506/260-2605 to help you relocate to your new community. As a registered IRP Supplier I will fully co-operate with Brookfield GRS to make your transfer/relocation smooth and stress free. 

If you know you are being relocated to Fredericton area and would like me to provide you with real estate services please feel free to fill out the Buyer’s Questionnaire form below, (by clicking on it) It will help me find the best home for you. 

Buyer’s Questionnaire

If you’re Relocating to Fredericton area and would like to learn more about our city, neighborhoods and amenities, CLICK HERE.