My Customer Service Guarantee

Service Satisfaction Guarantee-Flexible Marketing Plan

Comparable Market Analysis

I will help you establish a competitive sale price based on current market conditions and location.

Property Enhancement

I will supply you with an easy to follow action plan to maximize the appeal of your property.


I will place our highly recognized RE/MAX yard sign on your property with my name and telephone number for potential buyers to contact.


If required or deemed necessary, I will perform an open house for prospective buyers to view your home. Usually Sundays 2-4 PM. I will also expose/advertise your property using local mediums such as Daily Gleaner Real Estate tabloid (on rotational basis) and World Wide Websites:,,

Regular Reviews

In addition to feedback after each showing, I will keep you informed of any questions or concerns brought forward by realtors or potential buyers.

Offers & Closing

Negotiate offers on your behalf to obtain the best possible results. Upon acceptance, I will also follow through on all details to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.